Privacy Policy

First off, please let us remind you that we do not spam people. In order to receive the Veteran Newsletter, you have to enter your email address into a form and then click a link that is sent to the email you entered to confirm that you would like to receive the email.  If you don’t click the link, we don’t send you any newsletters.  If you clicked the link and want to unsubscribe, that is easy to do here.  We don’t spam, we don’t send out unsolicited email and we only send email to Veterans that want to receive it and have completed all the necessary steps to prove that they want to receive the newsletter.

Now on to our Privacy Policy.

In order to manage the large amount of emails that we have to send due to our subscriber list size, we use a service provided by MailChimp that charges us a small amount of money per email to send out.  They (MailChimp) send the emails through their servers using the email address.  Your information such as email address and name are stored on the MailChimp servers and not on the site.  MailChimp does not sell or share your information with any other party and neither do we.  At most, we may provide an interested party in the total amount of subscribers in the future, but other than that we do not share anything about you with anyone.

Our site uses Google Analytics to track the amount of people that visit our website.  We need this information to help plan for maintainance and determine when closing the site down will affect the least amount of visitors.